background of Say Yes to the Cash for Containers Deposit Scheme

Say Yes to the Cash for Containers Deposit Scheme

We have reached a crucial point in the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) campaign and, with a growing number of state ministers behind it, are now closer than ever to getting a national 10c refund after 10 years of campaigning. CDS is the most popular and proven way to ensure the 15,000 bottles and cans littered PER MINUTE in Australia are properly recycled and kept out of the environment.

The beverage industry is pushing back, but together we can do this. With your support, we can convince environment ministers and premiers that we have waited long enough and SAY YES TO CDS!

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*significantly lift our recycling rates of glass, plastic and metal beverage containers

*virtually eliminate beverage container litter, including marine pollution

*help charities*create many new jobs

*create funds for broader litter and recycling programs

*support hundreds of new convenient drop-off centres for other products like batteries and e-waste, as well.

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